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Coliving in Bali

is Gloriously Beautiful, Life-Altering + Outrageously Fun.


Bali is gloriously beautiful, life-altering + outrageously fun. It can also feel really intimidating and foreign.

For some, Bali is profoundly far away. The culture-shock, timezone, politics, and general unknown are all reasons why people only get as far as re-posting Bali scenery on Pinterest—and not purchasing a plane ticket.  We get it. Bali is a vastly different place than anywhere else on Earth—for that, it’s deeply special, but cab feel a little daunting. 

That’s why we created our special packages— tailored for individuals + groups looking for an incredible adventure, but with expert guidance and convenience up-front. All you have to do is show up at the airport, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our approach is simple: treat our guests like family while we guide and inspire.

With a dynamic team that consists of locals + long-term expats, we can navigate Bali blindfolded while juggling coconuts. Well… maybe not coconuts. 

We developed our packages because Bali isn’t always the most organized or speedy place to maneuver; we take care of all the tiny details so you can arrive safely and get on with the good stuff right away. 

We’ve done all the footwork for you: no negotiations, searching for housing, or difficult surprises—just cannonballs in the pool and waking up to a rice paddy view.


Soft Landing Package

For intrepid individuals

We created this for the renegade individuals who are going it alone, but want that first touchdown to be smooth + easy.

Whether you plan on spending a month, year or a lifetime in Bali, we’ll make sure you’re cozy, safe, and treated like our own mum.

“I signed up for Hubud’s Soft Landing Package, and I can’t emphasize enough just how easy they have made everything for me. When I landed, a smiling driver met me and my scooter was already parked outside the hotel when I got there. There was a beautiful hand-woven basket full of local tips, inspiration and a map to get me started. They even helped arrange a cake for me because it was my birthday! Nothing is ever too much for them and I feel like I have just landed myself a big, lovely family right here in the centre of Ubud.”

Delia Monk

Southeast Asia Travel Specialist

What's Included:

Living in Bali - accommodation

Two beautiful accommodation options

Solo travelers need safety and comfort as much as they do choice. If you’re a solo traveler, a couple, or a family— you’re in luck, because we’ve already got it sorted for you.

Orientation session with Steve Munroe at Hubud

Personal orientation with the team

we’ll treat you to coffee or green juice when you arrive, answer all your questions, and connect you to the people and places you need to get the most out of Bali. 

Coworking at Hubud

Unlimited membership at Hubud

Dive into Hubud; connect with the incredible community, learn something new at one of the 30+ events/month, and get productive in one of the world’s Top 10 Coworking Spaces. (Forbes 2016, Lonely Planet 2017)

Cogiving at hubud

An instant tribe

There will likely be a few other intrepid travellers joining you on this adventure, staying at the same place. Think of them as your first friends in Bali—who knows, you might be soulmates.

Living in Bali - airport pickup


When you’re jet-lagged, the last thing you want is to organize your taxi and make sure your ride is safe and priced right. We’ll sort you out with a trusted driver waiting for you.

Coliving at Hubud

SIM card with prepaid Internet

Phone calls + internet ready on landing? Boom. Get here and touch base back home immediately with 4GB, without missing a beat.


Let us send you details on the Soft Landing Package.

Frequently asked questions about living in Bali:

I want to come to Bali and stay for awhile. What do I need to do next?

Step 1. Download our Moving to Bali guide
Step 2. Contact Hubud about our Soft Landing Package
Step 3. Buy your airfare, apply for your visa, and prepare to drink fresh coconut water!

Living in Bali: What’s it Really Like?

Bali’s sheer beauty astounds visitors all year round, many of whom decide to make it their temporary (and sometimes permanent) home. Spangled with temples and gorgeous scenery, it also possesses its own character of grit + contrast. Motorbiking through the streets of Ubud for the first time is a confetti of sensory experiences, ripe with the smells of incense, burning trash, and frangipanis—glowing with the sight of ceremonial dress, and ringing with the clatter of Gamelan. Bali is one of the most spectacular riots of loveliness in the entire world, and it’s a place we aim to commune with—and be in service to—as we make it our home.

Living here can be equally “Meet, Play, Motorbike” and “Eat, Pray, Love.”

For members of Hubud who have digital nomad, entrepreneurial, and startup ambitions, “Silicon Bali” can be an incredible place to set up shop. On the flip side, if you’re into yoga, adventure sports, and green juice—well, this is the place for you. Yes, all the rumors are true: Bali really is a paradise of sorts, but it’s not without its own flaws. We created an ebook for curious folks who want the inside scoop on what it’s really like to live here—without the Hollywood lens.

I have so many questions and don’t even know where to start! Can you tell me about living costs, hotels, visas, schools, yoga... and basically everything?

Good news! Our “Moving to Ubud Guide” is packed with all the info you need. Twenty-five of our members contributed to our study, from various backgrounds and lifestyles. So whether you’re an individual on a one month workathon or partners looking to make a new home in paradise, just sign up for our mailing list here and our pet robot will fire it off to you immediately!

I’m visiting Ubud for just a few days. Can you still help me with accommodation?

While we try our best to support our members, we’re not equipped to help with accommodation outside of the Soft Landing Package.

There is, however, a wide array of housing available in and around Ubud, depending on what you are looking for. A simple room in a shared house can be found for as little as $150 - ­$200 a month, with a luxury 3­-4 bedroom house running $4000­ - $5000 a month. Facebook groups are always a good place to start looking, and once you’ve arrived, check out the community boards across the town for housing ads.

I’m curious about how to relocate to Bali. Can you help me?

Yes! Hubud’s Soft Landing Package is here to help moving to Bali with ease.

We’ve helped dozens of adventurers navigate the rocky reefs of relocation. Every month there are over 250 new people arriving at Hubud, and we’re always more than happy to help them. We know what they need, what challenges they are facing, what questions they have, who they want to meet, and more.

This is how we’ve crafted our Soft Landing Package. No more wasting time figuring out the logistics when you first land, we will have everything sorted for you. From airport pickup to finding you a home, introduction to the community and activities of your choosing, we’ll take care of you like we take care of our own mother! 

Tell me more about the accommodation!

We've partnered with a couple of accommodation partners to offer you two different packages, which you could choose according to your budget and style.

Both of them offer clean, spacious rooms with all amenities included: daily breakfast, cleaning and laundry, AC, free wi-fi and a shared swimming pool and are situated within a 10 minutes walking distance to Hubud.

How far in advance do I need to contact Hubud to register for the Soft Landing Package?

We would require at least 6 weeks notice (but in general—the sooner the better). Please note our package is designed to assist you with your transition during your first month in Ubud. Should you be needing our assistance afterward, we’d be more than happy to help!

What’s the payment process for your soft landing package?

We require a 50% deposit, paid at least one month before your arrival. Please note it’s a non-refundable deposit to have your accommodation arranged. The rest of your payment fee is due one week before your arrival. We accept payments via PayPal and Bitcoin.

Would I meet other newly arrived members if I book the soft landing package?

There will usually be 3-5 other newly arrived Hubud members staying at your accommodations. It's an easy, great way for you to make initial contacts.

When you arrive, we want to make sure that you are settling in well. Hubud’s co-founder Steve Munroe will personally welcome you and introduce you to the community at Hubud.

With Hubud’s membership you’ll be joining the vibrant community of creatives, entrepreneurs and startup guys and girls here in Bali. While we take care of your logistics, you can just focus on learning, relaxing and experiencing all that Bali has to offer.

How do I get a visa to Bali? Can you help me out with that?

We don’t provide sponsorship letter or visa advice for our members. However, we do have several recommended visa consultants and agents. Get in touch with us if you’d like to be connected with them.

Can you help me find a job in Bali?

Most of our members run their own businesses or work remotely for their overseas company. Within Hubud, our members often form connections, collaborate on projects, or hire one another for freelance or long term work. We highly recommend trying this route if you have the flexibility to do so — some people come to Bali and end up staying much longer because they find an opportunity within the business community. You can also try to find employment beforehand, like in our digital community, Hubud Global.

We have 250+ new members every month from all over the world with various backgrounds and opportunities. We also host regular skill-sharing, brainstorming and networking sessions—up to 35 events every month. The more you take part of our community, the more likely you will make meaningful connections!

Visiting Tribes

A whole new way to work

Our customized group packages offer a comprehensive experience of Bali.

Perfect for corporate retreats, start-ups, education groups, or business team getaways.

"We brought a group of 35+ people through this package, and we love it! We arrived in Bali and everything was ready and sorted for us. Hubud welcomed us into their community with open arms and the team always found ways to get us involved in all the activities. They even set up a working space for us next to a pool. Thanks to Hubud, 'pool-working' is now a term in our lexicon!"

Spencer Jentzsch

 Operational Manager at Hacker Paradise 

“Our team relocated to Bali for a month of remote work. Hubud’s Visiting Tribe Package not only saved us the headache of planning, but gave the team an amazing space to work, live, and thrive in Bali. Everything was super easy and the Hubud team was responsive and supportive through the month. We completely recommend this package!”

Kristine Sloan

StartingBloc Founder

What's on offer:

Living in Bali - accommodation

Beautiful accommodation options

Bali is blessed with a wide range of beautiful accommodation options for your group.

Orientation session with Steve Munroe at Hubud

Meet the CEO and Cofounder

Hubud Cofounder Steve Munroe will give your group a personal orientation to Bali, Hubud and the entrepreneurial community that thrives here.

Coworking at Hubud

Unlimited membership at Hubud

Your group can get active with a Hubud membership, use our conference room and recording studio, connect with the dynamic community and join in our 30+ events per month.  

Dedicated Staff Member

staff member

Our incredibly thoughtful staff members are here to help organize, familiarize, and make you feel at home. (and you can call them  if s&*t hits the fan)

Living in Bali - airport pickup


We have a team of great drivers to make your arrival at the airport a smooth one. Need a van? Check. Multiple arrivals? Done. 

Coliving at Hubud

SIM card with prepaid Internet

Help your team hit the ground running with prepaid SIM cards preloaded with call time and 4G of data as soon as you arrive at the hotel.

Welcome dinner


To kickstart your Bali experience, we’ll arrange a Balinese welcome dinner for your group’s first night. Enjoy delicious Balinese food, see Balinese performance, and meet the Hubud team!

Dream it, we'll do it!

This list above is not exhaustive; the goal is to make the experience of your team friction-free, so they can focus on working and delivering great projects while we take care of the rest.

Interested? Let us send you details on the Visiting Tribes Package.


We'll send you all the juiciest news from our coworking world. Don't worry, we'll only send you the good stuff.