At Hubud we believe that good business is about win-win relationships that foster growth and collaboration. We have carefully selected amazing local & international businesses, aligned with our vision and values. Our partners include community partners that offer benefits and special deal to our members, helping them feel good in Bali, grow personally and professionally, and strategic partners that support our overall mission. It wouldn’t be complete without having amazing environmental partners that help keeping our planet green.

Since the merger in the early 2019 with Dojo, we have always been trying to come up with ways to make it easy for our members to enjoy living and working in Bali. With SuperPass we created a platform to combine both Hubud & Dojo Partners.

Joining Hubud’s membership means that you are also eligible to enjoy the benefits of Partners of Dojo, Canggu. Just make sure your membership is active and you have the QR code with you, we’ll do the rest.
Check out Dojo Partners on their website!

Introducing Dojo SuperPass

Dojo Bali SuperPass

The Dojo SuperPass enables our Members to receive discounts and perks at amazing businesses around Bali and beyond.

When our Members sign up to Hubud Bali, they receive a unique QR code that is linked to their Membership. As a Hubud Partner you have access to our secure app that allows you to scan members data at your store, venue or business location to check validity of their membership and their benefits. This is all done in real-time and is secured by a member’s photo ID & name. It’s that simple!

Find out more | Watch the video | Becoming a Partner | Canggu Partners

Member Associations

Hubud is proud to be a member of

Coworking Alliance for Asia Pacific (CAAP)

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Connect with our community today

Folk Pool & Gardens

Ubud’s favorite restaurant and day pool
15% Off Food & Non Alcoholic Drinks

Kebun Bistro

 A charming Provencal-style bistro
10% Discount (Lunch Only)

Casa Luna

Balinese and Mediterranean dishes.
15% Discount

Ubud Fitness Centre

Fully-equipped, air conditined gym.
15% Discount

David Metcalf Photography

Travel. Photography. Tour
10% Discount


Inspired by traditional Italian cuisine
15% Discount

No Màs

Your Island Sinkhole Awaits
15% Off Food & Non Alcoholic Drinks


Authentic Balinese cuisine
15% Discount

Gluten Free Kitchen

Gluten free meals in the heart of Ubud
15% Discount

Radiantly Alive

Yoga studio in the heart of Ubud
15% Discount


 International standard med centre
20% Discount

Herb Library

Contemporary, healthy dining venue 10% Discount

Monkey Legend

Asian fusion restaurant in Ubud
 15% Discount

The Sayan House

Delicious fusion of Japanese Latin
20% Discount

Sepeda Bali

Unforgettable downhill cycling
15% Discount

Mana Ubud

Next generation eco-hotel
15% Discount


 Lively, wholesome food cafe
10% Discount

Habitat Cafè

Iconic Modern Cafe & Pan-Asian Eatery
10% Discount

Angkasa Bali

Casual Japanese eatery
10% Discount

Putri Ubud Spa

A unique spa experience
10% Discount


Makes classic cotton candy
15% Discount


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