FAQS - Hubud [Hub-in-Ubud] Bali's first co-working space!


Hubud Facilities

Sustainability (in all senses) is central to the Hubud philosophy. Our space is finished primary with artisan bamboo, with flooring done in recycled ulin (ironwood) wood to create a natural, inspiring environment. The rice field and volcano view from our garden cafe isn't bad, either.

We have 400 sqm (about 4000 sqf) of beautiful space, including a conference room of 15+, meeting room for 6+, a Skype booth, a cozy loft, and a lovely backyard with plenty of bean bags!

You step outside to our backyard and into Living Food Lab, our healthy organic cafe with a granola station, salad bar, juices, smoothies, delicious guilt-free desserts and daily roasted organic coffee

We’re open 24 hours from Monday - Friday (hosting hours from 8am - 8pm), and on Saturday and Sunday, we’re open from 9am - midnight (hosting hours from 9am - 5pm).

Hosting hours mean that we have Hubud hosts at the space to help you if you need any assistance. You will need to come during hosting hours if it’s your first time at Hubud, or if you’d be needing any tech-related or administration help. Outside of the hosting hours, we have two security guards on-site. They’re very friendly and they like to joke around, so make sure you say hi!

We are located in Ubud, the cultural and creative epicentre of Bali. A globally renowned hub for yoga, organic food, holistic healing and postcard scenery, there is a thriving (and growing) community of social entrepreneurs, creative professionals, freelancers, filmmakers and dreamers.

We are located 80m from the Sacred Monkey Forest, the heart of Ubud. There are hotels, restaurants and shops steps from our front door.

We really do put a lot of efforts in having a good, reliable internet connection in Hubud. Our internet connection is a dedicated fiber optic line, with a shared 70mbps up and down and a dedicated 15mbps. We also have a backup provider, if for some reason our main line goes out. If power cut happens, our members can still be online for two hours. We also have an in-house IT specialist to make sure that our members have all the support they need when they’re at Hubud.

No. At Hubud, we have an open-plan, hot-­desk arrangement. We created this with the aim to pursue efficiency and members ­to ­members collaboration in mind. This also means that members can not necessarily "book" a particular desk in advance, or create a "dedicated" workstation for their own personal use.

Yes! See our Space Rental offer here for more details about using our space as your event venue.

Check, check and check. Printing is included in the membership price for reasonable jobs.


No. But we have a Day Pass membership now if you’d like to join Hubud for a day and get a feel of the community. The Day Pass is USD 20, valid for 12 hours, and could be purchased at our front desk.

Absolutely! Our hosts would be more than happy to give you a tour around the space, and answer any of your Hubud questions. Come over!

Our membership packages are based on hours, and valid to be used flexibly in a month. This means, you could choose the hours-package depending on how many hours you’d be planning to use at Hubud.

For instance, if you’re planning to use the coworking space for 3-4 hours daily for 2 week, then our In & Out (50 hours) membership will work best for you.

We count your internet usage at Hubud, and you can check the usage in real time. However, there’s also the honesty system, if you’re using our space and facilities to do your work (even without the internet), then we think that you like what we’re doing here at Hubud. You can show us your support by getting a membership. :)

No. You can’t transfer your membership hours to others, nor can you use them for the next month.

Yes! We have discounts available for longer terms membership: 3 months (5% off), 6 months (15% off) 12 months (20% off). Indonesian KTP holders also receive a complimentary upgrade to the next membership level when joining Hubud!

No. Individual memberships are only valid for 1 person. If you’re going to be working with your team, you will need to sign up for Team Membership.

You are allowed three devices to use with your membership; your laptop, your mobile phone, and your tablet.

You can sign up here. Normally you do not need to book in advance although we are starting to get quite full. If you want to be sure, sign up now.


You can sign up here. Normally you do not need to book in advance although we are starting to get quite full. If you want to be sure, sign up now.

Paypal, Credit Card, Cash or Bitcoin are the easiest. When you sign up you will be prompted to pay online, but you can skip that step and pay when you next come in. If you would like to pay by bank transfer, email us at team@hubud.org to get the details.

Absolutely… we love team energy in the space and help to make it possible. Check out more details about our Team Membership here. If you need more hours package or if you’re bringing a large team, get in touch with us at team@hubud.org and we’ll create a special package for you.

When you signed up for a Hubud membership via PayPal, your membership will renew automatically. If you’re only at Hubud for one month or less, you could easily turn off the recurring payment directly from your own PayPal account setting. Follow this simple instruction to cancel your Hubud subscription on PayPal.

Community & Learning Opportunities

We typically have between 200 - 250 people from all around the world coworking at Hubud.

Our members reflect the wicked diversity of people who choose to live in Ubud: tech startups, social entrepreneurs, creative design pros, private equity folks, filmmakers and photographers, writers, coaches, development consultants and marketing geniuses. It's like our dream dinner party!

We have 35 - 40 events per month, which focus directly on learning and facilitated networking. The magic of Hubud comes from the people you encounter, the perspective you gain and the collaborators you find! Check out our events listing here.

With an Event Membership, you will get full­ access to all Hubud talks/workshops and networking events, and could use our space to host your meetings, conferences and other events with members’ rate, and many more benefits. Typically, we organised up to 370 events per year, go figure! Join our Event Membership here.

Yes! We love facilitating serendipity at Hubud. We’re also currently developing a Digital Membership platform which will make it easier to find talents and connect with community members.

Visiting/Moving to/Living in Ubud

Good news! Our ‘Moving to Ubud Guide’ is packed with every information you need. Twenty-five of our members contributed to our study, from various backgrounds and lifestyles. So if you’re an individual on a one month workathon or partners looking to make a new home in paradise just sign up for our mailing list here and our pet robot will fire it off to you immediately!

Yes! Hubud’s Soft Landing Package is here to help your moving to Bali with ease.

We’ve helped dozens of adventurers navigate the rocky reefs of relocation. Every month there are over 100 new people arriving to Hubud, and we’re always more than happy to help them. We know what they need, what challenges they are facing, what questions they have, who they want to meet, and more.

This is how we’ve crafted this Soft Landing Package. No more wasting time figuring out the logistics when you first land, we will have everything sorted for you. From airport pickup to finding you a home, introduction to the community and activities of your choosing, we’ll take care of you like we take care of our own mother! Learn more about our Soft Landing Package here.

While we're trying our best to help every member we’re not able to help with accommodation except when it comes to Soft Landing Package.

There is a however wide array of housing available in and around Ubud, depending on what you are looking for. A simple room in a shared house can be found for as little as $150 - ­$200 a month, with a luxury 3­-4 bedroom house running $4000­ - $5000 a month. Facebook groups are always a good place to start looking, and once you’ve arrived, check out the community boards across the town for housing ads.

We would require at least 3 weeks notice (but in general - the sooner the better).
Please note our package is designed to assist you with your transition during your first month in Ubud. Should you be needing our assistance afterward, we’d be more than happy to help!

There will usually be 3-5 other newly arrived Hubud members staying at the place with you. It's a good and easy way for you to make initial contacts.

When you arrive, we want to make sure that you are settling in well. Hubud’s co-founder Steve Munroe will personally welcome you, and introduce you to the community at Hubud in the 30-minutes orientation session.

With Hubud’s membership you’ll be joining the vibrant community of creatives, entrepreneurs and startup guys and girls here in Bali. While we take care of your logistics you can just focus on learning, relaxing and experiencing all that Bali has to offer.

We've partnered with a couple of accommodation partners to offer you two different packages, which you could choose according to your budget and style.

Both of them offer clean, spacious rooms with all amenities included: daily breakfast, cleaning and laundry, AC, free wi-fi and shared swimming pool and are situated within a 10 minutes walking distance to Hubud.

We require 50% deposit paid at least one month before your arrival. Please note it’s a non-refundable deposit to have your accommodation arranged. The rest of your payment fee is due on arrival.

We accept payments via PayPal and Bitcoin.

Most of our members run their own businesses, or working remotely for their company overseas, so I’m afraid we will not be able to help you with finding employment in Bali. However, you could perhaps try sites such as Escape the City, Global Expat, or JobsDB. Furthermore, most of our members formed connections and collaborated on work projects after coworking together at Hubud, so maybe you could try joining the community first for the first month and crowdsource?

We have 250 - 350 members every month coming from all around the world, working together at Hubud. We also host regular skill-sharing, brainstorming and networking sessions, up to 35 events every month. The more you are a part of this community, the more likely you are in making meaningful connections!

We don’t provide sponsorship letter nor visa advices for our members. However, we do have several contacts of Visa consultants or agents. Get in touch with us if you’d like to be connected with them.

Other questions

Great! Check out our Career Page to see our current vacancy. Please note that jobs at Hubud are open to Indonesian nationals only, unless otherwise specified.

CAAP is the creative child of Hubud events and Hubud's global network joined together. The team behind Hubud's big events such as CUAsia, is the powerhouse of other CU events all around the region, now functioning under the CAAP umbrella, a separate entity borne from the same mind as one of Hubud's CoFounders, Steve Munroe. Hubud hosts CAAP as it does other remote startups and freelancers, and CAAP runs its online skill-sharing and meetups from Hubud. CAAP and Hubud shares resources and networks that create places for space operators, industry partners and individuals to collaborate, share, and learn from one another to sustain the coworking movement as a vessel for positive change.

As you might have imagined, we do receive tons of requests from people who want us to help promote their events/products/startup, or to help them with their job or talent search. With the limited space that we have, we have created a system that will help us curate this stream of information.

We give free promotional space for our members who'd like to put their projects in our newsletter/social media posts. But, for non-members, there's a certain fee. Please take a look at this document to find out more about our packages.