Traveling to Bali?

We’ve helped dozens of adventurers navigate the rocky reefs of Bali. Every month there are over 100 new people arriving to Hubud, and we’re always more than happy to help them. We know what they need, what challenges they are facing, what questions they have, who they want to meet, and more.
Which is why we’ve crafted this Soft Landing Package - to ensure your trip is smooth sailing.
No more wasting time figuring out the logistics when you land, we will have everything sorted for you.


From airport pickup to finding you an accommodation, introduction to the community and activities of your choosing, we’ll take care of you like we take care of our own mother!

"Our team relocated to Bali for one month of remote work. We really wanted this time to step back from the day-to-day running of the organization and focus on our backend systems. With that intention, we didn't have the capacity to plan the logistics of a full month abroad. The Hubud Soft Landing Package not only saved us the headache of planning, but gave our team an amazing space to work, live, and thrive in Bali. Everything was super easy and the Hubud team was responsive and supportive through the month. We totally recommend this package for teams and organizations looking to relocate to Ubud!"

Kristine Sloan, StartingBloc

Not just accommodation...

Finding accommodation in Ubud can be challenging, but worry not - we'll have it covered for you!

We've partnered with a couple of accommodation partners to offer you two different packages, which you could choose according to your budget and style.

Both of them offer clean, spacious rooms with all amenities included: daily breakfast, cleaning and laundry, AC, free wi-fi and shared swimming pool and are situated within a 10 minutes walking distance to Hubud.

There will usually be 3-5 other newly arrived Hubud members staying at these places with you. It's a good and easy way for you to make initial contacts.


With our Unlimited Membership (accessible 24/7), you will get an unlimited opportunity to integrate with our vibrant community, and enjoy unlimited access to Hubud’s fast internet connection (the fastest in town by far) and office facilities. 

INTERNET AT HUBUD: Fibre optic line with a dedicated 10 Mbps and a total of shared 70 Mbps. Our typical connection speed is around 8-35 Mbps daily.